Al Fateh Welfare Organization  

Serving the Humanity


Pakistan is a developing country and 1/3rd of its population is living below the poverty line. The acquisition of basic facilities of health is the right of every citizen and responsibility of state. More than half of population is deprived of generic facilities of health. The dangers posed to health have increased manifold with the passage of time. Pakistan still faces the problem of less number of doctors, nurses and other necessary items in comparison to the demands of total population. The prices of medicines have shot up and it has become impossible for the common man to afford medication these days. Al Fateh Welfare Organization is working for the better health of the people by performing following actions:
  • Free Medical Camps
  • Blood Donor Society
  • Medical Financial Aid
  • Health awareness Programs
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Education is the basic right of a child but in Pakistan thousands of childrents are not getting this right so playing our role  

Al Fateh Welfare Organization  promotes education for the deserving children. We are doing for education in following ways:

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                                        General Welfare