Al Fateh Welfare Organization  

Serving the Humanity

Eid Gift

Each year, in the holy month of Ramadan, AWO follows the sunnah of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) by intensifying welfare activities. Before Eid Al Fateh Welfare Organization provides Rashan and Dresses to poor and deserving families so that they may also participate in this Holy Occasion without any tension.

Food packages comprising of flour, tea, sugar, rice, lentils etc are distributed. Cash is also given to the needy.

Kafan Dafan

In case of any death if the family ie much poor they are provided Kafan dafan and all other expanses. Financial help is also made to family.

Food Aid

Al Fateh Welfare Organization supports the poor and needy families by giving them Rashan that covers the food need of a family. All the families that are being supported are all verified and deserving. AWO also provide food to the deserving people in Ramzan.

Marriage Support Program

Many young boys and girls though having attained the marriageable age, can not sole wise this essential ritual for want of resources and in many cases the necessary where withal to equip their abode with the essential house hold items. The curse of dowry is another stigma that leaves a large number of deserving girls out of wedlock. There noses a dire need to institute some system whereby, these poor, resource less girls and boys could be wedded and given a fair share of their destiny to bad a productive life free of sin and become a useful member of the society.

Al Fateh Welfare Organization regularly supports individual Marriages in availability of Marriage Support Fund. We provide the following complete or partial items to each couple in order to support them.

1. Basic Home Furniture which includes

    • Double Bed 
    • Two Chairs along with table
    • A Cupboard
    • Bed Foam, Blanket and Pillows etc.

2. Sewing Machine
3. Pedestal Fan
4. Steel Crockery
5. Dinner Set

Shakarkari (Plantation)

Allah created the Trees, plants and fruits not only for their known vital benefits as food, they are also a source of delight to the eyes and a means of purifying the air we breathe. Trees are vital in protecting our land, its beauty and essential for our existence. It is only in the past decade that science has starting recognizing the importance of environment conservation, but Islam has always expressed great concern for the environment. A number of verses in the Quran, and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) have addressed this issue; trees, fruits and gardens are repeatedly mentioned in the Holy Quran. Not to forget, that trees are also a part of the descriptions of  Paradise. 

AWO tries to plant trees whenever possible.

Women Development 

Natural Disaster

Al fateh Welfare Organization has always responded to the need of Rescue, Relief and Rehabilitation whenever a disaster has occurred in the country like Flood,EarthQuick,Army operation etc.

Social Welfare

Besides Education and Heath projects Al fateh Welfare Organization is working for humanity in many other ways regarding General Welfare.In this sense following steps may be made according to funds and occasion.

Dars E Quran
Eid Gift
 Kafan Dafan
 Food Aid
 Marriage Support Program
 Women Development
Natural Disastor