Al Fateh Welfare Organization  

Serving the Humanity

Alfateh Free Education Center

A Free education center is in operation in which students getting education completely free of cost in evening .Free coaching is provided to all students and child labor and deserving students are provided book,note books,stationery also free of cost.

Free Computer Training

Computer training is provided to all students after their exams and basic computer operation are explained to them.Different persons who needs computer knowledge for their job or any other matter is also provided by IT Team of AWO.

Career Planning Workshops

Al Fateh Welfare Organization has a career planning board consists of Doctors,Engineers ,Scientists,Experienced Teachers & Professors,IT Experts and bankers under there supervision career planning workshops are held in different schools and colleges for their future guidance.People may contact our Team on cell phone also for ant type of information.

Educational Workshops

Different trainings are organized by AWO in different schools for teachers and staff for a better teaching envoirnment.Students of different institution are also provided workshops on different topics.

Financial Help

AWO helps some students each year to continue their studies at higher level in this regard we pay his fees and books expanses.We also try to manage for him from using our links. 

Distribution of School Kits

Deserving  and poor students are provided uniform,stationery,books and bags each year and also in our education center.


Education is the basic right of a child but in Pakistan thousands of children are not getting this basic right so we are playing our role in this regard.

Al Fateh Welfare Organization  promotes education for the deserving children. We are doing for education in following ways:



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Free Education Center
 Free Computer Training
 Career Planning Workshops
 Free educational workshops for teachers and students.
 Financial Help for students
 Distribuion of school kits